We are teaching children to love coding and technology through fun, innovative and educational courses in East Central Indiana.

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We offer computer programming tutoring to take your child’s interest in coding and create personalized lesson plans. We find your child’s passion and help them learn the skills they need to pursue their interests and have fun along the way.

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Learning technology can spark creativityLearning computer science expands creativity!

Once a child learns how to create with a few lines of code it opens the doors for expression!

Learning technology through codeLearning to code teaches problem solving!

Learning from mistakes is vital to teaching about persistence and breaking problems into smaller, manageable chunks.

Learning technology through fun gamesLearning how to code can be fun!

Learning technology can be a straightforward process by getting immediate feedback. Your child will get instant results through education and games.

Mobile application developmentLearning computer science is preparation for the future!

Our world has gone digital and mobile. Learning how to code can position your child as a participant in the global economy, not a passive consumer.

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