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What is Computer Programming?

This is the first question we ask at every Day of Code – the start of our Foundations classes: “What is computer programming?” The answers from students vary from “the language computers can understand” to “I don’t know.” We’re really not looking for a right or wrong answer, but we want to know where our […]


About the Coding Connector

Another school year. Another season of our classes! We partnered with the Innovation Connector at the start of 2017 to create a consistent space to teach children. The Coding Connector provides that in the Muncie community. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Last semester was particularly amazing. Computer science teaches so much more than […]

Why Programming is Important for Future Generations

There is a lot of debate going on about the future of coding and programming. TechCrunch believes the future is fewer people writing code, and mega-giant corporations like Google are building tools like Project Bloks to help developers, designers, and researchers build tangible programming experiences for kids. About Programmatic Problem Solving We view the future […]

What Programming Teaches About Problem Solving

Problems are rarely solved on the first try. The more complicated they become, the more trial and error takes place. Programming teaches kids that problem solving is a process not a destination. It’s a life skill that can carry over to any future profession or simply dealing with life’s challenges. Debug code, debug life A […]

Scratch Tips: The Power of Variables

We like to use Scratch to help teach the basics in coding through interactive stories, games, and animations. If you’ve attended one of our courses, you’ve probably used it before. We’re going to take a moment to talk about variables and why using them will help improve your work in Scratch and any programming languages. […]

How to Buy a Laptop for a Child

It’s the Christmas season, and as parents we’re likely being bombarded by our children for various requests. This year was the first year my son asked for a laptop. He’s nine. Even as someone who wants his children to be involved in technology, I wondered if nine was too young for a laptop. Part of […]

Indy Man Creates Indianapolis in Minecraft

People have created many amazing things in Minecraft, but this is the first we’ve seen Indianapolis in Minecraft. Created on Xbox One. Color me impressed. The daytime video was created and posted 6 months ago, but Eric Morrow just recently released a night time video for our viewing pleasure. Local Roots Being located in Muncie, only 45 […]

Seeing is Believing. Muncie Kids Start Coding!

TechWise Academy: First Class September 26 marked a big day for us. We held our first class, Level 1 – Introduction to Programming, for 9-13 year olds. Most of the kids who attended came from 3rd and 4th grade with a few older joining us. We handed out shirts and got started with the Hour of […]