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Use a Command Block to Create an Automatic Door in Minecraft

Ryan and a student, Caleb, create an automatic door with command blocks in Minecraft. Watch full video with attribution. Commands used: /give @p command_block /testfor @p[r=3,name=MinecraftUserName] Note: Change MinecraftUserName to your username. Also, capitalization is important so enter the commands the same as you read here. Disabling Command Block Messages The following command is not […]

End of Spring 2017 Semester Review

Whew … it’s been a busy semester!  We finally have a few weeks to catch our breath and reflect on the work that was accomplished. Community Impact This past semester was our first one as an official partner with the Innovation Connector and the Coding Connector initiative.  We are thankful for such great partners who […]


What if I … ?

What If I…? These are my favorite three words uttered by our students.  My answer is almost always the same:  “let’s find out.” Computer programming gives students the unique ability to not only ponder about “what ifs”, but to immediately put them into action.  What if I change the order of these code blocks?  What […]

Scratch Tips: Randomly Animating a Sprite

Scratch is a powerful tool that allows your student to fully explore programming logic.  Where other tools guide you along the way, Scratch gives creative freedom.  We typically use this tool during the second half of our sessions to reinforce concepts and to see what the kids come up with. This short tutorial will demonstrate […]

Minecraft Modding – Setting Up Your Environment

We’re excited to offer a course teaching young people how to create Minecraft mods in November.  This class introduces high schoolers to Java and how to use it to modify the popular game. This post serves as a guide to help get started and is a little longer than our normal posts.  I couldn’t find a […]

TechWise Goes Back to School

October 7th marked another big day for TechWise:  we went back to school.  I was able to teach three different 4th grade classes the Hour of Code that we teach in our Level 1 Courses.  The day was an absolute blast for me and it seemed like the kids had a great time as well. Some […]

Where Should My Child Start?

We get asked that question all the time.  And honestly, that’s why our courses resonate with parents.  You have a child who is extremely familiar with technology but you don’t know where to start or how to help guide them.  Here are some of the tools that we use in our introductory courses at TechWise.  All […]

Why TechWise?

It started out with a text to my good friend, Brandon, asking if he knew any place in Muncie with beginner programming courses for children.  My oldest son is starting to show interest in robotics and I thought it would be something fun to do with him.  Turns out that Brandon had the same question […]