Why Programming is Important for Future Generations

HTML Code and Code Editor
HTML Code and Code Editor

Image Credit: Pexels on Pixabay.com. Protected under CC0 Creative Commons.

There is a lot of debate going on about the future of coding and programming. TechCrunch believes the future is fewer people writing code, and mega-giant corporations like Google are building tools like Project Bloks to help developers, designers, and researchers build tangible programming experiences for kids.

About Programmatic Problem Solving

We view the future is programmatic problem solving – not writing code. Not every child who comes through our classes wants to be a programmer or computer science engineer. Programmatic problem solving is cross discipline, and this is the real value of learning how to code. It teaches you to take logical steps in developing solutions to complex problems.

A child learns how to:

  • break down complicated problems into simple steps
  • solve problems one step at a time rather than everything at once (which is how most real-word problems are solved)
  • not fear making mistakes as mistakes often lead to new and better solutions.

Learning to Write Code

Learning to write code, or learning coding practices, is an important educational tool to build on programmatic problem solving. It is not only fun, but it also helps a student understand how technology works and communicates.

For a young student, learning to code can be as essential and exciting as learning how to read. Not every person who learns to read becomes an author. Not every person who learns to cook becomes a professional chef. But you can argue these essential skills help shape the student’s knowledge of his or her capabilities and understanding of the world.

Learning to code, and programmatic problem solving that comes with it, can help a student with every discipline or future career. Our hope is our efforts can prepare each student for the world of the future which is becoming more and more dependent on technology.