Two teens studying Unity in TechWise Academy class

End of Spring 2017 Semester Review

Two teens studying Unity in TechWise Academy class

Whew … it’s been a busy semester!  We finally have a few weeks to catch our breath and reflect on the work that was accomplished.

Community Impact

This past semester was our first one as an official partner with the Innovation Connector and the Coding Connector initiative.  We are thankful for such great partners who share our vision for promoting coding education in ECI.  The facility and equipment at the Coding Connector are second to none in our area.

Between our courses at the Coding Connector and other events in the community, we served 188 students in East Central Indiana this spring! These students came from 20 elementary schools, five middle schools, three high schools, several home schools, and one preschool. We were also able to extend our reach by providing professional development for over 30 Muncie Community Schools educators and four employees of the Muncie Public Library.

Why Computer Science is so Important

We know not every one of our students will be computer programmers. The skills that we’re teaching have far-reaching implications regardless of career path or industry.

We hope that we’re providing a place for students to learn, have fun, and a safe place for them to fail and try new things.