Indianapolis in Minecraft, Xbox One

Indy Man Creates Indianapolis in Minecraft

People have created many amazing things in Minecraft, but this is the first we’ve seen Indianapolis in Minecraft. Created on Xbox One. Color me impressed.

The daytime video was created and posted 6 months ago, but Eric Morrow just recently released a night time video for our viewing pleasure.

Local Roots

Being located in Muncie, only 45 minutes away, this is the first I’ve seen someone recreating something that I have personally visited or traveled. I love seeing the creativity of Minecraft users. And to see the time he spent building our state capitol is amazing. More impressive to me is he built this on Xbox One which is a decidedly different experience than PC.

Indianapolis in Minecraft by Day

Indianapolis in Minecraft by Night

Minecraft Mods

This was all completed by using the tools and settings provided by Xbox One’s version of Minecraft. There are no mods used here, but the opportunities for mods in this setting are endless!