Why TechWise?

It started out with a text to my good friend, Brandon, asking if he knew any place in Muncie with beginner programming courses for children.  My oldest son is starting to show interest in robotics and I thought it would be something fun to do with him.  Turns out that Brandon had the same question for me (and for the same reasons).  We weren’t completely satisfied with the offerings in ECI and decided to create something on our own.

Here are some reasons why your child should learn coding with TechWise:

1) Coding is fun

Within the right framework every kid can learn basic programming skills.  Technology is second nature to my son’s generation.  We want to take that natural exposure and curiosity to cultivate problem-solving abilities and give them a skill that will serve them well in the future.  In order to do that, children must have fun.  The software and curriculum that we use makes learning fun.

2) The marketplace has a huge demand for programmers

Some version of programming (web developer, software engineer, computer programmer) is always in the top 10 most demanded jobs in America.  Companies typically have a hard time finding quality programmers and are willing to pay well.

3) I’ve taught similar material to children and it’s awesome

Children are naturally creative and come up with clever solutions to problems.  They also pick up the material very quickly because they enjoy it.  I really enjoy having a ‘creative time’ at the end of each session.  This allows them free reigns to create anything they want (with guidance and help from the instructors, of course).  They are super proud of the work they’ve accomplished.  As a father of three kids, I want my children to learn about programming and to be able to solve problems with technology — TechWise Academy is a way to help with that.